Specializing in Chiropractic and Multidisciplinary Billing

Pro Med Billing Solutions recognizes the importance of prompt and accurate billing services. We are committed to providing our clients with services that are quicker and more effective than their current processes. Our dedicated staff has over 20 years of industry knowledge, experience, and are savvy in medical billing and collections. Our philosophy is to combine the most advanced technology with industry experience to give you outstanding service and results.

  • Pro Med Billing Solutions could increase collections by as much as 20% and reduce your collection waiting period by an average of 10 days. As you may know, most doctors’ fees are relatively low and the codes they use sometimes “flag” claims, which delay payments unnecessarily. Our extensive knowledge of insurance billing protocol allows Pro Med Billing Solutions to increase collections on a majority of claims.
  • Each claim is thoroughly reviewed before leaving our office to ensure accuracy.
  • Claims are processed at least weekly, which stabilizes cash flow and reduces the collection cycle.
  • Claims are processed electronically, whenever possible. By doing so, they are usually processed within two weeks.
  • All claims are followed up monthly, which minimizes payment delays.
  • Pro Med Billing Solutions specializes in Chiropractic, Multidisciplinary, and Wound Care insurance billing.

Once you have reviewed the many advantages of using Pro Med Billing Solutions,  we hope you’ll consider using our company for your billing and collections needs.

OUR GOAL: To remain focused on our clients and to achieve remarkable results.

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