I’ve been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years and given the ever-changing complexities of billing over the years I decided to outsource my billing needs to a specialist. I reached out to my Practice Management Consultant and several doctors across the country for their opinion on the best company around, hands down it was Pro-Med Billing solutions.

I was nervous at first, this was my third attempt to use an outside billing service, previously outside billing was a nightmare for me, the previous companies didn’t know what they were doing, they weren’t compliant, they were too expensive, and/or they were difficult for staff to follow up with.

In house billing became a nightmare too. If your biller was sick or if they decided to leave as a practice owner, you were faced with several months of collection slowdowns and errors, that’s not good!

I’m so happy I decided to partner with Stacey and Kim at Pro-Med Billing solutions 5 years ago. Right from the start they got things going, the transition was seamless. Stacey has such a well organized and caring team, we feel that our specialist Kim is right in our office, a critical member of our team! She works tirelessly to collect outstanding claim which has dramatically increased our cash flow, compared to our previous in-house biller we average $27 more/claim! Kim is compliant, is up to date on all billing laws and procedures and works right from our EMR, she even instant messages the doctors if they are making an error in charging, she will also give us billing strategy tips that have made a significant impact in our collections.  She constantly combs through our accounts to make sure we are getting reimbursed for everything we do.

Stacey and team also can grow with you! Kim has been instrumental in setting up our integrated medical practice billing and has worked tirelessly learning our new EMR and making changes to help our efficiency.

If you are still billing out of your office please stop and call Stacey at Pro-Med Billing Solutions, it pays for itself! Make the leap and bring your practice to the 21 century and start getting reimbursed for what you have worked so hard for!

Please feel free to reach out to my team to ask why we chose Pro-Med Billing Solutions, the best billing company around!

Yours in health,

– Timothy G., D.C.

I would highly recommend Pro Med to any office  searching for a knowledgeable company to handle their insurance. I’ve been using Pro Med now for almost 5 months and they have been true to their word about their ability to deliver results. You can reach them virtually any time of day and they always have a friendly and professional attitude.  Having said all of that, it’s always nice to work with pleasant people but what really matters in a billing company is their ability to get your office paid and so far I am impressed. I have had the pleasure of working with one of their senior billers (Ami Lamp) and it has been a delight. Also they are so confident in their services that they don’t try to lock you into a long term contract. From my standpoint there is nothing to lose by giving them a chance to prove to you what they have proven to us.

  • Jason B., D.C. – FAACA, Diplomate Acu. (ACCA)

I am in chiropractor currently located in Arlington, Virginia.  I have been in practice for over 20 years.  For the majority of my practice career, I have been working with ProMed Billing.  I am proud to say that I was one of the first clients of ProMed billing and have been with them for over 17 years.  The ONLY constant I have had in all my years of practice has been ProMed Billing.  I have worked with a number of people employed with ProMed over the years and each one has maintained the great standard of business that has kept me with them.  I could not recommend a single greater importance in practice than this billing service.  Treatment and education is what we should love to do.  The profits from that passion is what keeps our practice afloat.  Its not worth risking your livelihood on any other health billing company. 

     • Erik W., D.C. - Arlington, VA

We are a multi-disciplinary practice located in North Carolina with a chiropractor and a medical provider under the same roof.  We first met Jeff P at a conference in Dallas, TX where the discussions began about us considering a billing company to do our billing.   Within a couple of months, we decided to sign on with Pro Med.  We had someone doing our billing for many years in house and we decided to go a different route.  We were very apprehensive at first about having someone else do our billing for us. Jeff assured us that he would take care of us and he did and he continues to.   He made a couple of trips to North Carolina in the beginning to help us get some billing issues sorted out in our software.  We have a good system where we have regular AR conference call meetings to touch base and for follow ups.  We have been with Pro Med now for 2 years.  We would highly recommend Pro Med Billing Solutions to anyone!

     • Heather T.